Registered Name: Stritch Farms Miranda
    Born: 03.17.07
    Dam:TLC Farms Kelly
    Sire: 4B Rocks El Paso

Miranda is Kelly's daughter. Her quiet personality definitely comes from her mama. She is such an agreeable goat.

Miranda was born with a pretty silly underbite that was quite prominent when she was young. Amazingly, it has managed to correct itself as her "big girl teeth" have come in. She's still a little goofy looking, but it is definitely more endearing than freakish.

Miranda was a mediocre milker her first two years. Suddenly in 2010, she entered the big leagues. I think she caught wind of the rumor that we were going to sell her if she didn't step it up. What a smart, good little goat she is. Because we would have done it. ;)